Specialized health training focusing
on weight loss & hormone + gut health

My passion is to empower others to live a balanced life with vibrant energy, lose those extra pounds, and feel more confident to take charge of their health using a holistic approach.

Hi! My name is Jessica Johnson and I am a mom of 4, nurse, and an integrative health coach. There is so much uncertainty around diet and wellness and what path to take that many feel overwhelmed and quit before the journey even begins! My goal is to help you thrive in a healthy lifestyle that not only fits your goals, but is sustainable and brings you joy.

go from stuck & unmotivated to empowered & thriving in sustainable healthy habits


When I started working with Jessica I thought I would be getting a simple diet plan accompanied by a workout routine. I was thinking cookie cutter one size fits all. What she provided was SO much more. Jessica was quick to explain that every individual’s habits, body chemistry, even the amount of sleep you get can have an effect on weight loss goals. She is teaching me the skill set to work with my body, budget and my lifestyle to maintain a healthy me!

I can maintain a healthy me!

- Wendy H.

One of my favorite things about the journey was that Jessica was very relatable and able speak from personal experience as well as professional- which made me feel like we were working together instead of her talking “at” me. It was comforting to hear that we had some of the same struggles trying to manage a busy family.  I learned that gluten was a huge issue with my health and she was able to help me eliminate it from my diet. I felt challenged and pushed, but not overwhelmed. Although my comfort level was tested often, there wasn’t anything she asked of me that I didn’t feel capable of at least attempting. We set reasonable goals with milestones along the way to help keep me on track. I learned that I am stronger than I give myself credit for.

Jessica was very relatable.

- Jodi G.

We aim to equip clients with sustainable lifestyle habits including nutrition, movement, and mindset in order to achieve individualized health and wellness goals. Through this holistic approach, we implement evidenced-based practice as we strive to provide superior wellness services to each client we meet.

What we do

We coach clients on diet, exercise + movement, and mindset shifts in daily habits based on the client's needs -- whether it is weight loss, gut health, or hormone balance. 

How we do it

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90-Min Intensive

Do you need to improve your health but don't know where to start?

Without a long-term commitment, this 90-minute intensive will provide you with the education and motivation you need to jump start your health goals.  We will identify 3 challenges and implement 3 habit changes that are easily attainable to get you on the path to wellness.


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30 Day Plan

If you are ready to commit and invest in a more in-depth, customized wellness plan, this program is for you! We will be diving deeper into your specific health concerns in order to create the perfect plan for you. You will be educated and empowered to live a more wholesome, vibrant life.

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The Well Nourished Life

If you are ready to go all in with your health and wellness regimen and commit to maintaining long-term success, this program is the one for you! You will be given a very specific and personalized plan, detailed to your health concerns. Leaving the surface level health tips at the door, be ready to jump right into a new, refreshed lifestyle.


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